Bridges of Love's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

posted 5 months ago by margpollon
This update is over 30 days old.

It has been some time since we activated our CERT RECOVERS site. Welcome!

With the recent Pandemic announcement, Bridges of Love is looking for practical ways to help communities through this alarming time. There is much information coming around the world so we need to keep informed and remain calm.

Bridges of Love was involved in Pandemic Preparedness for many years. Please see our website and click on the Pandemic Preparedness icon for information that was developed. Some of the information is dated as was prepared for an Influenza Pandemic scenario when the H5N1 threat was the risk. Even though the virus is not the same, much of the information and suggestions, are still relevant.

As we develop this site for a new event, please keep in touch, sharing your thoughts on how we can best address this out-break most effectively. We are very appreciative to RECOVERS for the use of this site they developed for Bridges of Love after the Alberta Floods in 2013.

Thank you! Marg


  • Hello Marg my name is Kevin Hedges and I am the international president of workplace health without borders see we are made up mostly of occupational hygienists (occupational health scientists) and have over 600 international members. A colleague of mine shared the following who is a volunteer with a community response team in the US hope your organisation finds it useful. My email is

    KevinHedges "(4 months ago)"
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