• CERT CANada Brochure

    You never know when an emergency will occur or a disaster will strike. The Community Emergency Response Team training program will provide you with basic knowledge and training to help you, your family and your neighbours be safer as you respond to help. Neighbours helping Neighours. CERT Canada Brochure:
  • Practically Speaking - How Can the Local Church Respond? CORONAVIRUS PREPAREDNESS

    We know in the days of the early church, the thing that most impressed their neighbours was the community of love they witnessed among believers. In every age, the most persuasive evidence for the gospel is not words or arguments but a living demonstration of God’s character through Christian love for one another, expressed not only in word, but demonstrated in tangible and practical ways. This is a practical guide offered to churches who are looking for a resource to assist time in reaching out to their local community in a time of need. For additional information, please also check out our Bridges of Love web site at